Meta/learn/instance.h lacking headers <meta/meta.h> and <ostream>


Hi guys. Not sure if it’s a common practice to report such kind of things, or it’s “normal” in C++ world. But I’m using meta as lib and currently using feature_vector from it. when adding meta/learn/instance.h header file code not compile, since it’s miss 2 headers file <meta/meta.h> and . Ofcourse it’s not hard to add them in actual code, but it’s a bit anoying that it’s require to be carefull with order of adding headers to know for sure that all required deps added before.


Looks like your message got cut off somehow. Can you file a bug report for this on Github with a reproduction?

The headers should be usable standalone, so it’s likely we just forgot to include some headers. Whoops. That can happen from time to time if, for example, that specific header is only ever used within the toolkit in a context where the missing headers already happen to be included before it (thus masking the issue). This is one of the (many) pitfalls of the #include model that C++ uses…