ERROR 404: Not Found (breast-cancer.tar.gz)



I’m trying to build MeTA on a linux Fedora 22.

I follow the instructions, including the following line, as indicated in the Coursera page for software installation:

git reset --hard v1.3.6

It tries to download the file breast-cancer.tar.gz from, but it gets redirected to and then I get the 404 error, file not found.

Any ideas on where to find the file?




v1.3.6 is positively ancient. Please use a more recent version if at all possible.

Based on this I think v2.4.2 should work with the Coursera material, but I have no idea (as the MeTA team isn’t in charge of maintaining the Coursera material, they just use our library).


I tried the actual version and it worked!

Thanks a lot.

I hope it works with the Coursera materials.