About the Support category


This category is where any user support questions should be filed. Anything related to getting help using the toolkit is relevant—examples include getting the toolkit compiled on your machine, reporting bugs you’ve encountered, configuration questions, etc.

Generally speaking, we’d prefer that you make bug reports here first, but another alternative is to post them directly in the Github repository’s issue tracker. The distinction is mostly superficial: the Github issue tracker is more for the developers to use, whereas the support category on the forum has a more broad focus.

When posting in the user support category, please try to include the following information:

  • What version of the toolkit are you using? (e.g., v1.3.2, master, develop)
  • What system are you on? (e.g. Ubuntu 14.04, Mac OS X, Cent OS 7)
  • What compiler are you using? (e.g. GCC, Clang, Clang w/ libc++/libc++abi)
  • What are the contents of your configuration file?

If you’re having an issue with compilation, try to also include:

  • The output from the cmake .. command from a new, empty build directory

  • A link to the full output from compilation